Rainy day recipes

It’s pissing down with rain again. Grey skies as far as the eye can see. While this is not a food blog, I figured I’d post a few pictures of the tomato soup I made. It had to be done. The soup that is, not so much the shoddy iPhone pics.

There are three farms on the way from town to the house that sell cheap straight-out-of-the-ground fruit and veg, so without thinking ahead I got overly excited and bought three lbs of tomatoes and a six HUGE red and yellow peppers. Then, of course, I was forced to do something with them before the fridge became a produce morgue.

I’m not a passionate nor particularly talented cook but I make a mean soup. I guess I’ll have to step up the dinner making from now on if I’m going to be a proper StePhD Wife.

If I’d been a more seasoned S.P.W., I would have put on a frilly pink apron before starting. Note: white t-shirt plus tomatoes in blender equals additional laundry / stain-removal (thanks Martha). While this did manage to fill another 20 minutes of my day, it is not the kind of make-work project that is going to make me feel much better about StePhD Wifedom.

Anyway, the soup turned out well. The marinated peppers are tasty but super fiddly to make. The skins would not come off easily no matter how much I blanched them. You can’t see the swearing  in the photos but, trust me, it was there. Poor Jamie Oliver’s ears must be burning.

If you want to see a really stunning food blog, check out She Cooks Macro by the lovely and supremely talented Shauna Trupp. She does healthy cooking and food photography justice with infinitely more skill, patience and grace than me!

Oh and the recipes I used are found here and here.

PS. This just in: Email from Dr. M. saying that we’re going to an undergrad meet n’ greet at 7:00 pm today. My first official public duty as Mrs. Dr. M.! OMG OMG! I get to meet some humans even if they are like 12 years old! Now, what to wear….

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One Comment on “Rainy day recipes”

  1. Laura says:

    The clouds have made their way to London. Fifty thousand shades of grey, with more lashings (of rain) than reasonable.

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